Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

While a tree stump on your property may not seem like such a big deal, tree stumps can be dangerous for not only the health of your yard but also the safety of your family. Tree stumps are a major tripping hazard for children and pets, and can cause serious injury. They also prevent your lawn from getting the maintenance that it needs because they require maneuvering around them while mowing and frequent weeding to prevent overgrowth. On top of this, they simply look unattractive. Whether you’ve just had a tree removed and want the stump eliminated as soon as possible or you’ve had a stump in your yard for a while and are finally ready to get rid of it, American Redwood can help.

Our Chicagoland tree company is licensed, bonded, and fully insured to provide a variety of tree services, including full and partial tree removaltree trimmingstump removalstump grindingcommercial tree removal, and storm damage restoration. We offer 24-hour emergency services for residential and commercial properties throughout Georgia, and beyond. In this blog post, our tree service experts will discuss the two main methods of eliminating a stump: stump pulling and stump grinding. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each of these techniques, and contact our arborists today to learn how we can help keep your yard beautiful, manageable, and safe.

Method 1: Stump Grinding

First, it is important to note that homeowners should never attempt to grind or remove a stump on their own. Both of these methods of stump elimination are relatively intricate and require the use of professional machinery. Stump grinding involves the use of a powerful machine to grind the stump down to its desired height so it seamlessly matches the rest of your landscape. While this takes care of the visible remains of the tree, it does still leave the tree’s roots behind, which may cause sprouts, fungi, or the stump itself to grow back up. While the roots will decay eventually, the process can take up to ten years.



  • Quick and efficient
  • Less intrusive than stump removal
  • Environmentally friendly, as you can use the leftover wood chips as mulch
  • Leaves you with a clean slate
  • More economical than stump removal
  • Tree roots remain
  • Potentially messy unless done by a team of trained professionals, such as American Redwood

Method 2: Stump Removal 

Sometimes referred to as “stump pulling,” stump removal involves eliminating the entire tree from the roots up. Stump removal can be intrusive and requires the use of heavy force, so hiring a qualified arborist is essential. While stump removal does eliminate the stump altogether, it also creates a big, unattractive hole in your yard, which can be even more hazardous than the stump was. At American Redwood, we are happy to help you fill in the hole, should you opt for stump removal.



  • Eliminates the stump AND roots, so you don’t have to wait for lengthy root decay
  • Eliminates possibility of regrowth
  • Typically costlier than stump grinding
  • More intrusive than stump grinding
  • Leaves a large hole in your yard
  • Less environmentally friendly since stump must be disposed, not reused

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Improve the appearance of your yard, free up space, extend the life of your lawn mower, and keep your family safe with stump grinding and stump removal services from American Redwood! As you can probably deduce from the above information, we generally recommend stump grinding as the best method for eliminating stumps, however we’re happy to perform stump removal as well. If you’re unsure what method is best for your particular situation or you want to schedule a stump grinding or removal appointment, get in touch with our team of tree experts today!


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